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The Painted Garden

Monday evening

Welcome to the mad house, I have one of those really manic weeks ahead where I have far too much to do work wise. I have to get beads ready and out for the Barton under Needwood beading day (Amanda Glanville is kindly organising a stall for us again this year) and also sort my jewellery for the RAG Open Houses. This is my main problem because I haven’t started, you know how it is, everything has to be done yesterday, and of course there’s always some other job more important.

But the main reason I’m here today, is to point you in the direction of one of my oldest friends that I grew up with. She has had a major sucess and I’m so excited for her. She is a fantastic artist, and from a very young age even I could see she would be brilliant. In fact she was so good that I couldn’t see any reason to pursue a career in art and craft because I felt I wasn’t anywhere near her standard. I believed when I was younger that you had to be the best to suceed, although it helps, I do realise now that is not true. There are many places in life for all sorts of abilities, and not everyone can understand or even afford the top art.

Anyway, I digress, please follow this link to view Wedgewoods newest collection of home crockery, complete with stuningly beautiful floral decoration by my friend Mary Woodin. The pattern is called The Painted Garden after her book journal of the same name. Some of the pieces have anaemones like the ones we have on our original painting from Mary (which she painted specially for us for our wedding present). I’m going to have to buy at least one of these pieces.

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