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Tales from the big bench (homage to Tears for Fears)

Wednesday morning

Well, Rick mowed the lawn (back and front), shared cooking dinner and hoovered the floor this morning AND cleaned the bathwoom sink. Yahoo, I must get very busy more often. Actually he did a good job on the garden when I was on my course last month, I cheekily left him a huge list of jobs to do in the garden, including assembling the bench I’m sitting on as I write my blog this morning, oh yes, are you all jealous? I’m sat here sipping my Twinnings Breakfast tea as I write, enjoying the lovely morning sunshine. I thought I may as well blog while I gather my thoughts for the rest of the day. Anyways, he romped through the list and even had time to take our daughter swimming and visit his family around the corner. I must do that more often and then maybe our garden would look half tidy, after all, it needs a few hours done every week, it’s getting so bad I even thought about hiring the gardener who does one of our neighbours gardens evry week.

At the moment I have a huge patch of thriving Ground elder that’s just coming into flower, looks very pretty but I know it’s a lurking threat. I’ve been trying to get rid of it as long as we’ve been here, but hate using poisons and always forget to do the follow up treatment. Also I have a nice row of dead annuals still in their polystyrene cells that I bought last year and never got around to planting. I don’t know what it is a about June and July but they just seem to get busier each year, and the garden’s sufferring for it, poor thing. Oh well, better trot off and get on with my humungus list. See ya.

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