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About time too

Monday morning

Hi guys! I had to blog again about out CD delivery! Mainly to say that the problems with delivery were nothing to do with Graham at Cyclone, but were down to the couriers that the CD production company used, again both the CD company and the couriers have nothing to do with Graham (or Ash as we fondly call him).

Rick was so desperate last week that he’d miss the couriers (he worked from home Thursday to receive the CD’s that didn’t come) that he left this message on the door when he went to collect our daughter from school…..

To the courier delivering here

I have had to collect my daughter from school.

I will be back in < 10 minutes DO NOT leave without dropping off the delivery THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT DELIVERY It's sods law you arrive in the only 10 minutes that I have not been here to collect it in the last 4 days! Please wait for me to return I have been waiting for it for 4 days 10 mins is all I ask!!

I also ought to add that the CDs did arrive safely in the end at the conference centre in time for the conference. Woo hoo.

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