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Let it Snow? in Lincolnshire, Kent……..

So where is it then?  It appears to be anywhere but here, where I live.  I can’t say I’m disappointed, well maybe just a little bit, I love the look of the snow, but am terrified of falling over….what a wus.

Back in the land of Lost, what a corker.  We watched both episodes again last night, doh, and now it looks like we have to wait two weeks for the season finale.  The up side is that C4 are doing a 6 hour back to back fest called Lost in Lost so at least we get to see the first episodes that we missed before we got hooked, yipee.

I’m not sure when I shall get to play with glass again, it may be next year, but hey, that’s next week.  It’s funny how the phrase ‘next year’ sounds such an age away normally, but as we race to the new year it’s only just around the corner.  I suppose we have to endure the look back at the year we’re leaving stuff now and listen to the usual list celebrities who’ve died this year, how jolly.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year. 

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