Luxury……you ‘ad it lucky

Thursday evening

Hi there, I forgot to talk about my Thursday class discussions last week.  They became rather hilarious for me anyway, as the subject being discussed was ‘It was better in the old days’.  Even though work hours were long, pay small, and living conditions not so good, a couple of our older members said they were glad they weren’t young having to cope with society today.  It was a bit of a Monty Python sketch as going to work times and coming home times were discussed, at which point I chimmed in with ‘You were lucky, I used to get up before I went to bed, eat coal for Breakfast and we lived in shoebox int middle of road’.  Actually I think work can be as hard mentally and physically, because many people in their jobs are expected to work longer hours than their contract for no overtime on a daily basis, it seems to be the done thing, especially if you want to get a good reputation and get ahead.  OK our standard of living is way higher than 50 years ago, but this vision of a society with a 3 day week, loads of leisure time and paperless, just hasn’t come true.

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