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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

It’s over!  My last fair was yesterday afternoon at Box Hill school.  They have a large open fireplace in the entrance hall and last year made it very atmospheric by serving mulled wine and mincepies by the garland strewn open fire.  A lovely traditional start to the Christmas season.  I’m not sure if the pies and wine were served there yesterday as we were rushed off our feet during the fair, and only got this pic just before we left for home.

Heart warming... 

Today I tackled the laundry pile before it took over the doorway and attacked me. LOL.  Such fun.  You know I’m sure there’s more to life than laundry, housework and grocery shopping.  Oh yes, lampworking.  Actually that’s what’s got me into this mess indoors!  I wonder what delights tommorrow has in store for me….now I think of it, the alternator gets replaced.  That will be a relief, I’m getting a bit tired of popping the bonnet everytime I stop and disconnecting the battery.  It’s amazing that no men have asked me if I’m OK as they usually do when I get my head under the bonnet (that’s because men know how to fix cars because they have the correct equipment!).

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