We’re on a road to nowhere

Saturday night

Only one more fair to do, hurrah!  Friday tea time saw me driving to Worthing amidst the patchy fog for a school fair, convinced I knew where I was going once I drove over the railway bridge and arrived at the 3rd roundabout.  It’s amazing how you can look at a map, think you have the road sussed, only to find that you hadn’t actually taken in the finer details.  I thought I was going right at the roundabout, but actually needed to take the right fork, then turn right off that road.  Ho hum.  I ended up going in completely the wrong direction, however I made it there in time to set up, had a lovely evening, and even scooped the 3rd prize in their raffle.  This was pretty unusual, as it’s normally Rick that wins raffles and stuff, and took me so much by surprise that I nearly fell off my stool.

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