20 days and counting

Monday evening

Hello again.  I made it out to my studio today after nearly two weeks making up jewellery.  It was 3.5 degrees C but didn’t feel as bad as last time, I think my body is aclimatising at last.  I just couldn’t help grinning as I sat to make glass drops, they’re so relaxing and theraputic to do.  I made more of my tigerlike beads and also managed to fit in another penguin cutie, this time complete with santa hat.

Looks like the big countdown to Christmas is really here now, only 20 days to go.  We’re still looking out for the new Argos advert that was filmed in town and wondering when we’re going to get time to start the numerous jobs that need to be done before the big day.  I suppose the worst of these will be getting the house to look more like a place of relaxation than a workshop/playroom/complete tip.  Maybe I should join up to this website that someone on Lampwork etc. uses to help her cope with the chaos of life, nah, I’d probably end up feeling I need to clean.  I guess this site ‘Flylady‘ is where Monica from Friends would be in heaven!

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