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Ambassador, you’re really spoiling us…

Thursday evening

The first of December, already, eeek.  Although to tell the truth I’ve been reving up for Christmas for the past few weeks with my local Christmas craft fairs.  I’m probably over halfway through these, which is good because I’m getting quite exhausted now.

We had some more interesting conversations over lunch today at my jewellery class.  The main topic was serialisations of the classics on TV, particulary with reference to Bleak House and the updated Shakespere plays that they’ve been doing on BBC1.  We all agreed that Bleak House was very enjoyable, but what a nightmare concentrating on the story in the first episode.  We were all totally distracted by all the familiar acting faces and all suffered with the same problems of ‘oh look, it’s so and so’ and ‘oooo isn’t that whats-her-name?’ (this has to be said in a David Brent type way).  As for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I was in fits of laughter, especially at the point where they brought out the Ferero Roche pyamid to signify the luxury.  It’s almost as good as Vienetta, which I actually heard an advert for today…..’Christmas, all the better for Vienetta’.  Hmmmm, whatever floats your boat, I think I’d rather have Christmas Pud and a good glass of wine.  Incidentally I had a friend whose Nan used to call these Vendetta, I never did find out if she really thought that’s what they were called or if she was pretending to be doolally.

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