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Wednesday evening 

Ooooo, and it just gets better.  Cracking episode of LOST tonight.  Very funny, this series just gets more surreal by the week.  I found this website where you can read up about the different episodes, tonights was ‘Numbers’ and is this websites third favourite.  I had a fair tonight, so coming home to put my feet up with a glass of wine to watch Lost was just the thing to do to unwind.  I’m going to be good and not stay up to watch next weeks episode on E4.   Oh and I forgot to say, that must be the most unconvincing Aussie accent and dialogue I’ve ever heard tonight.  The accent wavered from New Zealand, to Ireland, to west countryish Africans, you get the picture.

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What’s a tidy house?

Tuesday evening

I can see my desk again!  I had a bit of a blitz this morning and cleared all the stuff off that was filling the useful spaces on my desk, and now I can actually work at it again!  Well I could do paperwork and internet stuff before, but there was not enough space to swing a box of beads let alone a length of tigertail.  I seem to spend all my time at the moment moving piles of work from my desk, to the dining table and then back again onto my desk, before moving them back to the table again.  This is part of what happens in our household before Christmas when I’m engaged in preparing and attending the numerous local fairs that I have a stand at this time of year.  That and the complete lack of housework (so what’s new?)…….my mother-in-law has a fridge magnet that says ‘Dull women have tidy houses’, I think I should get one of those for our fridge, to add to the one that says ‘I’d give up chocolate – but I’m no quitter’.

We also had the pleasure today of attending my daughters first official art exhibition, complete with work on the walls and on white plinths, and with drinks (OK it was squash) and nibbles, and soft music.  She’s been attending a childrens art club organised and lead by 2 local artists, who are part of the 2 x 4 artists in Horsham.  At the end of every term they put on an exhibition and encourage the kids to invite family and friends to view their work.  My parents came with us, my dad has a special interest in our artistic activities as he was an art and design student himself and used to teach graphic design at Reigate and Richmond colleges when I was at school.  Needless to say we now have yet another pile of artwork to accomodate at home now…….

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