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Dead under a bridge near Smithfields

Monday evening

AAAAAAAAAAAAAgh, the new(ish) car’s gone wrong!  I went to the garage today to find out how much it will cost to have the car fixed.  We have a very dodgy altenator and have to disconnect the battery every time we stop for any length of time, or the battery discharges.  This happened when we were at Christ’s Hospital the other day, we packed up, Rick went to get the car and had to get a jump start and part charge the battery before we could leave.  Needless to say I think we were almost the last to leave!

I have a bit of an altenator history, which involves 3 different cars, all Fords, and breaking down in all sorts of unusual places at the most inconvenient of times.  Once my car died a death under a bridge  near Smithfields meat market on Sunday evening at 8pm.   It was cold and dark, before the advent of mobile phones and I wasn’t very pleased to be on my own in a rather empty part of London, with the occasional roar of a lorry passing by and turning into the market.  Fortunately my dad and brother came to the rescue as the nice AA man arrived, and kept me company until the wee hours of the morning.  Talking of wee, that was also the evening of my first experience in a superloo, the one near St Pauls Cathedral.  Anyway, the car got fixed on that occasion, and I ended up driving home past midnight.  I remember feeling totally mesmerised by the low streetlights and regular bumps that made the car lurch up and down as I drove along a deserted A40 past the Hillingdon airfield.  I think I made it home to Oxford by 2am on that occasion.

Oh well, we have to wait 2 weeks now until the car can be fixed, so lots more popping the bonnet and hooking up the battery with my trusty spanner over the next few weeks!

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