Tess co-operates (you have to be a Genesis fan to get this one)

Saturday night

The marvels of modern technology delivered my shopping on time but didn’t quite stetch to bringing it in the house and putting it all away.  It was however a lot easier than the weekend we’ve had so far which has comprised 2 craft fairs and a mad trip to Ikea to buy new table coverings for my stand.  We also hoped to buy some furniture to house the TV but after much deliberation and hair pulling trying to decide exactly what we wanted, found that they were out of stock of our choice, tchh.  So we cheered ourselves up with some cool battery operated fairy lights to Christmassefy my display (and avoid more PAT testing) and an opaque white plastic storage box to experiment further with our bead photography.

We’ll have a good rest tommorrow I hope, ready for another action packed week and the beginning of December (eeek).  So much for my plans to get ahead with Christmas preparations, I can see the day looming up faster than the earth does when you land with a parachute (or should that be without one!).

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