Archive for November 1, 2005

Autumn cometh

8.5 deg C in my studio when I went out to fire up the kiln this morning, there was a distinct chill in the air. Autumn is definately on the way, if not on it’s way out. I have watched as the Virginia Creeper on my back fence has changed from green to orange to red, and now most of the leaves have fallen.

I’ve been autumnally inspired over the last few weeks to make beads in various shades of topaz, orange and red, but yesterday also turned my hand to snowmen. I have to say they turned out pretty cute. Also the accidental green on yesterdays beads wasn’t a problem, it barely notices! Rick beat me to the kiln this morning to get yesterdays work out, I think he’s as big a kid as I am.

I was on a safari roll today (more topaz), and made various tiger beads. I also sussed how to make my safari frit look like realistic animal print, it was a bit of an ‘ahh’ moment.

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